DCS Packaging Company
A National Supplier of Plastic Packaging
Components to the Personal Care Marketplace
Clearwater, Fl  33761
  Los Angeles, Ca 93030
(O) 727-470-0843
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Malibu Tube Tottles
PVC Jar Discs
Tabbed Jar Discs PP
1oz 20/410Tabbed Madeira
1oz 20/410 Madeira
24/410 Dispensing Sym Cap
New!! 8oz Malibu Tube
Low Profile DW Jar
Double Wall RB  Jars
Straight Sided Jar Caps
Domed Jar Closures
Double Wall SS Jars
4oz 2" Diam 24/410 CR
6oz 2" Diam 24/410 CR
8oz 24/410 Round Bottom
Short Neck Merideth CR
8oz 24/410 Round Bottom
Tall Neck
Merideth CR
KDomes, Polydomes Fits
Symmetrically to 1,2,4,8oz
Cylinder Round Bottles